Corrosion projects

There exist a number of different types of corrosion that you may need to deliberate for projects within the oil and gas industry. Mehrgan Company, with its experienced and expert team in the field of corrosion management and implementation of cathodic protection projects, offers its dedicated services in this field to the following customers and their employers. Corrosion research and engineering projects are of the particular importance which are implanted annually in the case of oil, gas, and petrochemistry.


 Corrosion Projects:

  •   Study of corrosion and stress corrosion
  •   control and management of corrosion 
  •   Monitoring of cathodic protection systems which can be done manually or with the help of telecommunication systems
  •   EPC Project Cathodic Protection Gas Pipeline Gas Factory
  •   Sealing and Repairing of metal and concrete storage tanks, ponds and channels with various polymer and composite materials
  •   Implementation of various corrosion-resistant coatings in equipment containing chemical fluids.
  •   Tanks and interconnection pipelines cathodic protection
  •   Standardization of evaluation of Cathodic protection systems
  •   Cathodic protection of water pipeline
  •   Cathodic protection and online cathodic protection monitoring
  •  Cathodic protection of gas, fire water, and fresh water pipelines
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