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Partoshar Mehrgan, the influenced company of a major economic complex named Farina Tosee Pishro under supervision of Mahmoud Bagheri who has been a contributing factor in economy, business and even so cultural fields in Iran, functions in a wide variety of economic areas developed and successful over the past 25 years.

Mehrgan Parto Shar group, one of the leading trading companies in field of laboratory equipment, has been launched along with a number of graduates of state-run universities with an approach based on the transfer of technical knowledge in the field of oil, gas and petro chemistry since 1992. For the beginning step, it started to import and offer prevalent instruments based on the market requirement in Iran, after expanding its business operations it has become well-recognized offering superior client service with professional attitude. presently Partoshar is engaged in a lot of research project and committed to delivering the highest quality, consequently the leading equipment provider in Middle East with the policy of offering and importing high quality Laboratory, Industrial and Research equipment from overseas and attract the most reputation in the region.

This company has been succeeding to be involved in the advancement of technology in field of supplying general laboratory, electrochemical, test and measuring equipment, analytical instruments, research and industrial from the world's leading brands using its valuable management and executive records in the governmental and private sectors of the country.

Mehrgan Parto Shar group has committed to offering services support, training, installation and preservation for laboratories across all over of Iran. Our sales and service teams, along with our network of distinguished local agents, warrant close reach to any laboratory.

With respect to the after sales service, it should be noted ted that Mohammad Alavi worked in service department in Bruker, nowadays is our staff and most of the success in our company arise from the technical and service man. Accordingly, we are responsible for all technical problems to support our customers via 7 professional technical man.





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