High Speed Cameras

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About us

Mehrgan Parto Shar group, one of the leading trading companies in field of laboratory equipment, has been launched along with a number of graduates of state-run universities with an approach based on the transfer of technical knowledge in the field of oil, gas and petro chemistry since 1992. ...

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Our Mission

We are committed to provide world class solutions and value added services to our customers to fulfill their diverse needs through innovative marketing practices.
Our target is to introduce high-tech products for laboratory & research applications in our improving market and in order to achieve, we rely on excellent marketing and technical knowledge of our team.

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Partoshar Company provides tailored solutions to meet our customer’s ever expending need for high quality instrumentation support. We evaluate the quality of services intermittently, and declare that we give the highest quality service with our expert team. We are highly trustworthy among the customers, as we support our customers by offering sales, technical Service, installation, training. .....

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