High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)


Mehregan PS is one of the greatest specialized companies in the field of HPLC sales and technical services with the cooperation of own very professional technical team. Mehregan PS Company has been one of the suppliers of high-performance liquid chromatography equipment from Agilent and Shiseido companies in the past. Due to the impossibility of importing, presently our company is only prepared to provide technical-engineering services in the form of repair. The company's technical services for Shiseido’s products include the following devices. 


  • HPLC/UHPLC  Shiseido,  model  NANOSPACESI-2
    • Pumping Unit
      • Single Pump
      • Dual Pump/Dual Pump MS
    • Detectors
      •    UV-VIS Detector
      •    Photodiode Array Detector
      •    Fluorescence Detector
      •    Electrochemical Detector
      •    Pulsed Electrochemical Detector
    • Column Ovens
      • Column oven/ Column oven with cooling function
    • Autosamplers
      •    Autosampler
      •    HTS Autosampler
      •    HTS Autosampler Z

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